It’s Been A Minute

The only reason I have not been writing is that life somehow quietly slipped by and just like this it is 6 months later. I am sitting here in my old room at 10:30 pm listening to my favorite artist and writing these words. In short, life looks very different now and I am still somehow processing.  Continue reading


The Dirt Isn’t Red

The month of January was marked with a remarkable amount of rain and after almost two solid weeks of it being nonstop, we had a sunny Saturday. I was feeling restless and needed to clear my head so I decided to do one of my favorite things when I was in Colorado and hike a quick trail. There was one trail in particular back home that I loved doing because it was a steady incline so I was able to work out any of my frustrations on the way up and when I got to the top I would run down it, past the sandstone rocks and on the red dirt feeling so much joy. It was one of my favorite feelings and I wanted to try to find it again in California.

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