The Little Things (A List)

A friend on Facebook posted about a play she had seen called Every Little Thing. Where the main character makes a list of all the little things in life that make life worth living. Since this week was a long one, and I have learned gratitude helps make the world a little bit of a better place, I decided to make a list of my own. 


  1. The way sunlight plays off of water
  2. The first sip of coffee in the morning
  3. The smell of a bookstore
  4. The crackling of a fire
  5. The laughter of a loved one
  6. Seeing someone you love come off a plane
  7. The smell of rain
  8. Someone else doing your hair
  9. Birds chirping
  10. Reaching the top of the mountain
  11. A hot shower after a long hike
  12. Fresh cut flowers
  13. Golden hour
  14. The feeling of satisfaction after working hard
  15. Fireworks
  16. Edison lightbulbs
  17. Christmas lights
  18. The smell of pine
  19. A good meal
  20. Walking out into snow falling
  21. Clean sheets
  22. Finding Jeans that are a perfect fit
  23. Freshly washed and dried hair
  24. The soft smell of a newborn baby
  25. New tires
  26. Finishing a book that changes your life
  27. Making a new friend
  28. Laid back BBQ’s
  29. Seeing the joy on a kid’s face when they see/hear/taste/try something for the first time and love it
  30. The stillness of a forest
  31. Using the your key to your parents’ home
  32. Worship
  33. Sunsets
  34. Cards in the mail
  35. Birthday parties
  36. Oversized blankets
  37. Well written movies
  38. Having the words needed for the moment
  39. Having a kiddo fall asleep against you
  40. In ‘n Out Burger on the beach
  41. Tea with Nana
  42. The smell summer mornings hold
  43. Beautiful courtyards
  44. Surprising a loved one
  45. Old buildings
  46. Sharing an incredible experience with someone
  47. Inside jokes
  48. Palisade Peaches (they will change your life)
  49. Orange juice
  50. Breakfast

And so on….

What are some of yours? What little things makes life worth living for you?



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